The origin (the vine, the grape)

The base cuvée is the result of a meticulous search for harmony between the scope, structure and complexity of the Pinot blanc grape and the savoury flavour and freshness of certain typical varieties of the Rhaetian Alp foothills.


The Cellar

Cuvée musts are fermented separately in small stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures ranging from 15 °C to 18 °C. In the Spring of the year after harvesting, they are refined in the presence of a slight veiling of yeast cells (fine lees) which created them in the first place. Assemblage takes place in the month of June, with proportions established by the prior selection of samples obtained from various sampling tests at different percentages.

This is followed by tirage in the bottle, in the presence of yeast and a sugary syrup, for slow froth capture, in accordance with the laborious and meticulous Classic Method.

During a period spanning 90 to 120 days, the yeast gradually turns the sugar into alcohol and CO2  until a pressure of 5 – 6 atm is reached, creating the soft froth which characterises the product.

The product is then left to mature in a dark and temperature controlled environment for a further 12 months, so that the fine froth mingles in mellow harmony with the original perfumes of the cuvée and the toasted notes created by the refermentation yeast.


In the glass

Tenuous golden yellow with bright greenish notes.

Generously floral, further enhanced by the elegant development of an insistent perlage. This is followed by a delicate hint of aromatic herbs, soft bread and a note of vanilla.

On the palate it immediately opens with a pleasant softness, accompanied by freshness and an inviting savoury quality. The olfactory sensation is exalted by a touch of citrus aroma. Balanced and interesting.


Serving Suggestions

Excellent as an aperitif. Perfect served with crustaceans, molluscs and raw vegetable starters.

Serve chilled, 5 °C – 6 °C.



Horizontal storage is preferred for bottles, in a dark and fresh environment. Best enjoyed no later than two years after date of (dégorgement).