About us

The idea

The Oberti Family

Azienda Agricola “La Grazia” is a project created by the Oberti family.
The Oberti family moved from Bergamo to Valtellina in 1919 and established Oberti S.r.l., a company which sold products like flour, cereals, grains, fodder, products for farming and animal husbandry.
Since then, ever sensitive and close to their territory, the entire family consistently worked for the good of the Valtellina community and population, also in the social field.
Their passion for wine goes even further back in time: it has always been a dream of Paolo Oberti, he would accompany his nanny Gina at harvest time, pressing the grapes with his feet and washing the barrels at the cellar.
It wasn’t until the 90s that the project began to take shape. The first vineyards were bought by employees of the historic Oberti company who despite their retirement, intended to keep farming them for as long as possible, seeing as no one else was willing to inherit the tradition. 2012 marked an important turning point: Paolo resolved to combine his love and passion for wine with strong ties to the territory, in order to promote small and aptly defined “heroic” mountain viticulture, to create superior quality products, in response to growing demand from the national and international market.
Hence the creation of the La Grazia winery, named after Mrs. Grazia, wife of Paolo and mother of their four children, who just like their parents, believe in this project.

The creation

Focus was on a traditional Valtellina company structure, however in 2013 this niche product also inspired a more innovative side to the project. The company bought more land and a particular grape variety was planted, rarely used in Valtellina: Pinot Bianco. An immense added value for the winery, it is now used in the production of a white wine which is truly one of a kind in Valtellina, but also as a classic method cuvee in the production of sparkling wine.
Over the years the surface area of vineyards planted and tended by the company continued to grow. Many vineyards were saved from neglect and a far-reaching reclamation project was undertaken to restore facilities which had been abandoned years ago. Lands were purchased, cleared and restored to productivity, thanks to meticulous operations, inspired a the desire to start right here, in the land of Tirano.
In 2015 at last these efforts culminated with the first harvest and immense satisfaction. Approximately 8,000 bottles were produced and this number soon shot up to 20,000 in 2016.
In 2016 the company embraced innovation once more, with the planting of hardy varieties, genetically capable of resisting fungal vine disease. In practical terms this means that these vines produce healthy grapes without the use of agrochemicals, giving rise to wines of outstanding quality. Such innovation led to a further increase in the surface area of farmed land, a total of 3 hectares today.
For the Oberti family, the decision to focus on the world of wine is of dual significance. It is about focusing on the land and on agriculture, with the development of new markets, while also generating employment opportunities for young people.