Our Vineyards

It may seem obvious, but La Grazia never forgets that only the best grapes make the finest wines.

This is why vineyards are meticulously tended and considerable efforts are made to conserve or sometimes renovate the dry walls which characterize Valtellina’s terraced landscapes.

The winery does not own large plots of land, rather it sources grapes from small plots nestled along terraces in the Tirano area, requiring the utmost attention and skill from vinegrowers.

Every day, from winter trimming to harvest, rigorously by hand with crates, the plant-production balance is maintained. Foliage is tidied, exposure is managed and grapes are thinned as they ripen. All these operations are even more laborious due to the steep and terraced hillsides.

Each vine field has its own name, inspired either by the local dialect or the nickname of its original owner.

Valtellina, a land of Great Wines and Heroic Viticulture

Over three hectares from 450 to 1000 meters above sea level, with perfect exposure