Valtellina Superiore DOCG

Controlled and Warranted Designation of Origin


The origin (the vine, the grape)

In certain, particular years, when climatic conditions during the month before grape ripening favour significant day/night temperature ranges, on the run up towards the harvest for the production of Valtellina Superiore GOCCIA, special attention is reserved for setting aside a smaller quantity, for the production of Riserva EMMA.


The Cellar

Just like with GOCCIA bunches from vines on “murache” are also added to this smaller quantity of grapes. Following a short spell of raisining, these select bunches ferment to enhance the wine’s versatility and structure, in accordance with an ancient wine making practice: “fortification”.

Fermentation continues with a process for the prolonged maceration of skins. This is followed by ageing in oak barrels and barriques for 30 months and at least 12 months of ageing in the bottle which is further perfected, also after leaving the cellar for sale.


In the glass

In the glass it is luminous and captivating, in virtue of its variegated ruby red hues and fleeting carmine notes. Elegant, complex, harmonious and persistent in all olfactory sensations, especially in virtue of its ripe blackberry notes and delightful confit. On the palate it is extremely well balanced and full-bodied, presenting a savoury flavour and a voluptuousness which is subtly enhanced by full-bodied tannins.



The particularity of the vintage – which is the predominant distinctive and characterising quality of the wine, combined with specific and meticulous attention from the cellar, blesses the  “Riserva” with a capacity for constant growth in terms of refinement, also over very long conservation periods, even over a number of years, especially in a cellar with correct temperature conditions.